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Sheldon's Harley Davidson Motor Clothes

Sheldon's Harley Davidson Motor Clothes

What is the best apparel to wear when you’re enjoying a nice relaxing bike ride? You want to feel your best while you look your best. You can pick from our wide variety of clothing options. You can find something for yourself, a passenger, or even a pet. You can find all of this at Sheldon’s Harley Davidson in Auburn, MA.

Harley Davidson Helmets

Helmets are the most important part of your motor apparel. There are many options when it comes to the type of helmet that works best for you. We have everything from full-face helmets to open face helmets as well as half helmets and flip-up. Full face helmets give you the best protection, but if you’re looking for a lighter feel, the half helmet is the one for you.

Men’s & Women's Harley Davidson Apparel

Sheldon’s Harley Davidson has a wide variety of Men’s Apparel ranging from jackets to vests and even gloves and doo rags. Our apparel department knows what’s hot and new in the market, so we can help you personalize a style that fits you. You can now feel good and look good at the same time with all of our different varieties of clothing options.

Harley Davidson Pet Accessories

Do you ever just want to take a little ride around town with your pet? Sheldon’s Harley Davidson doesn’t only have apparel for us humans, we also have apparel for your four-legged friends. You can purchase everything from clothing, collars, tags, and even toys for your furry friends. We have everything you need to prepare you and your companion for the ride of a lifetime. 

Sheldon’s Harley Davidson has the clothes that you’re looking for in-stock, come visit us at 914 Southbridge Street, Auburn MA 01501!