Sheldon's Harley-Davidson®
914 Southbridge St, Auburn, MA 01501
About Sheldon's Harley-Davidson®

About Sheldon's Harley-Davidson®

A Family Business

Founded in 1920, N.F. Sheldon's Harley-Davidson®, Inc., has been serving central New England for over 96 years, making it one of the oldest Harley-Davidson® dealers in existence. Their award-winning dealership has a large inventory of new and used motorcycles, MotorClothes® Merchandise, parts and accessories, and a service department second to none.

Sheldon's Harley-Davidson®'s rich history is the story of a family business. O.T. Sheldon's Harley-Davidson® opened a new Harley-Davidson® dealership in New London, CT in 1920. In 1922, a dealership became available in Worcester, MA, so he moved the business to Main Street in Worcester (across from Clark University). O.T. Sheldon's Harley-Davidson® owned and operated the dealership until his death in 1943, at which time his wife, Gladys, took over. Gladys Sheldon's Harley-Davidson® ran the family business for two years, and in 1946, sold it to her son Nate. Nate Sheldon's Harley-Davidson® grew the dealership further and in 1956, incorporated the business as N. F. Sheldon's Harley-Davidson®, Inc. Soon after, Sheldon's Harley-Davidson®'s moved to 477 Southbridge Street in Worcester, MA.

Nate's son, Orville, gradually became involved in the business during the mid-sixties. He became manager around 1969 and purchased the business from his father in 1983. In August of 1997, Sheldon's Harley-Davidson®'s H-D® moved to their current location in Auburn. In January, 2013 Bryan Castor and Chad Clark purchased Sheldon's Harley-Davidson®. Both Bryan and Chad are avid riders. Bryan worked at several Harley-Davidson® dealerships over the past fifteen years and is married and is a father to four boys. Chad was a former District Manager of Harley-Davidson® Motor Company. Both are committed to providing a world-class retail experience for everyone. Sheldon's Harley-Davidson® offers a Riding Academy which differentiates us from other dealerships. When you visit Sheldon's Harley-Davidson®'s, you can sense the family commitment to Harley-Davidson® and the community they serve. The work ethic passed down from generation to generation parallels the traditional quality of the Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. Some things never change!